Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan©

Your personalised plan for healthy cholesterol. The UCLP© is a fully flexible 3-step plan that gives you freedom to choose foods you like and build a diet that works for you. 

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A plan based on science, that puts you in control

The Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan© (UCLP©) has been proven to lower cholesterol, while giving you the freedom to choose foods you like and build a diet that works for you. 

How it works

The plan is based on getting the basics of a healthy diet right then adding in foods which actively lower your cholesterol.

Getting into the right mindset

Start the UCLP©​ process by getting into the right mindset.  A quick exercise to help you get motivated and have clear, strong reasons for making improvements to your diet.​

Building a heart-healthy foundation

Step 2 of the UCLP© focuses on making small and realistic changes to ensure your every day eating habits are as heart healthy as possible: achieving your 5-a-day and improving intakes of heart healthy fats, oil-rich fish, plant proteins and wholegrains.  Start with our quick 5-minute UCLP© checklist assessment - to help you identify which parts of your eating habits need a little care and attention and which parts of your diet are already heart healthy.  Explore our numerous tips and practical advice before going on to set your own targets and timelines.

Introduce any of our four UCLP© foods

Next, add in any of the four UCLP© foods which may all help to lower your cholesterol a little further. Choose from soya foods, nuts, oats or barley, and plant sterols and stanols.

A plan that works

With good heart healthy foundations and the additional four UCLP© foods, it’s possible to better manage your cholesterol. How well the plan works depends on many things including the changes you make and what your cholesterol was to start with.

Talking to your health professional can help you get the most from it.

Staying healthy in the long term 

The plan will allow you to adopt a lifestyle that you can keep going – rather than go on a diet that you quickly want to come off.

UCLP© Checklist - how heart healthy is your diet?


Let's get started

There are three key steps to follow with the UCLP©. Take your time with each step, and when you’re ready, move on to the next.  Give yourself time to get use to each step and each new food you add in – around a week – and over a few months these changes can become habit.

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Time to get motivated

It’s not easy to change life-long habits. Start by getting into the right frame of mind to make changes that will last and overcome any obstacles along the way.

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Building strong foundations

It’s time to focus on replacing bad dietary habits with good ones. See where you can make healthy swaps to what you already eat to build the foundations of a healthy diet.

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The four UCLP© foods

Adding these foods to your diet may help to lower your cholesterol further. Choose ones you like and add more in slowly.

UCLP© and the menopause

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The Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan (UCLP©) was developed in partnership with the science & nutrition team at Alpro