Approved Products

Seeing the HEART UK Approved product logo(c) should give you the confidence in the heart health and cholesterol lowering claims on the pack. Together with eating healthier and staying active, by adding these products to your regular shopping will help towards lowering your cholesterol.

Elephant Atta

Elephant Atta Chakki Gold has received the stamp of approval from HEART UK.

Elephant Atta has been the number one chapatti flour brand in the UK since 1962. In 2015 the brand launched its new Elephant Chakki Gold - finely stone-ground atta made from 100% whole wheat milled into the tiniest, softest grains. Elephant Atta Chakki Gold has received the stamp of approval from HEART UK for being 100% whole wheat and low in saturated fat*.

The brand also aims to support HEART UK in raising awareness of cholesterol, particularly amongst South Asians who are more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases and higher cholesterol than many other ethnic groups.

The way to a healthy heart is through an active lifestyle and a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole-wheat, and low in saturated fat and salt. In fact, whole-wheat provides added nutrients that are not found in refined grains. 

Visit the Elephant Atta for health tips, healthy recipes, product information, competitions and promotions and download the HEART UK Elephant Atta 7 day meal plan.

*Elephant Atta Chakki Gold is low in saturated fat. 

Reducing consumption of saturated fat contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. 

California walnuts

California walnuts have met the stringent criteria, checks and balances operated by HEART UK’s product approval scheme.

Naturally nutritious California walnuts are rich in ‘heart-healthy’ unsaturated fats. A 30g handful of these creamy versatile nuts provides a generous 17.2g of unsaturated fat. Replacing foods high in saturated fat (e.g. fatty meat, chocolates, pastries) with foods high in unsaturated fat (e.g. a handful of California walnuts), as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, can help lower cholesterol levels. 

Walnuts are not only a handy addition to your daily diet, but they’re also tasty and satisfying too. Pop some in your desk drawer as a healthy snack, sprinkle a few over your granola or mix in with a mid-week salad.

*All nutrition claims based on 100g of walnuts and only as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle. 

Apply  for HEART UK Product Approval 

We would be delighted to talk the process through with you before you apply and discuss whether your product falls within the application process. An application fee is then required once you apply for actual product approval by our panel of experts. 

Once your application has been approved you will be issued with a license agreement which permits the use of the HEART UK Product Approval logo. License agreements are renewable annually. 


Costs will vary depending on the product and the amount of research and analysis required. 

The application process time will depend on the product and to find out more, please do get in touch.