Look out for the HEART UK Approved Logo when you’re shopping!

Have you ever wondered what the HEART UK Approved logo means when you see it on certain food labels? This logo is there to assure you that these foods, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, can help manage your cholesterol. Here we explain the strict process brands must go through to be allowed to use it.

Identifying foods that support heart health

Exploring the shopping aisles can feel like a minefield with the variety of foods now available. So, how can you make the best choices to support your heart health? Checking the nutrition labels is one option as they help you identify foods that are lower in saturated fat, salt and sugar – all nutrients that most of us need to cut down on.

But when time’s short, you might want to see something that quickly gives you the assurance that what you’re buying helps towards lowering cholesterol. That’s where the HEART UK Approved logo comes in.

Seeing the HEART UK Approved Product logo can give you confidence in the heart health and cholesterol-lowering claims on the pack. Together with healthier eating and staying active, adding these products to your regular shopping can help you manage your cholesterol.

How does a food become ‘approved’ by HEART UK?

HEART UK only works with brands who share the same values and vision as us.

Before products are approved to carry the HEART UK Approved logo, they must be appraised by the HEART UK independent Product Approval Working Group (PAWG). This is an independent group made up of highly qualified medical and scientific experts who review and evaluate the products. These are non-paid members who represent HEART UK’s best interests. Any conflicts of interest are declared before each decision in made.

A company must submit a detailed dossier of nutritional, scientific and regulatory information that demonstrates the cholesterol-lowering or heart health benefit of that food. They will also need to explain how they intend to use the logo and why they want to work with HEART UK. This ensures that foods approved by HEART UK have a proven benefit to heart health and/or cholesterol and are aligned with HEART UK’s vision, ethics, ethos, and standards.

Based on the information presented, PAWG will decide whether to approve the product. This strict due diligence process ensures you can be confident you’re choosing foods that have a known benefit in helping to manage cholesterol as part of an overall healthy diet and lifestyle.   

Beyond the Logo

Any partnership we have with a company is not just about using our logo on the packaging; it's a connection that amplifies our shared commitment to making a positive impact.

  • A symbol of support: A product that has chosen to feature our logo is creating a visual representation of their commitment to supporting HEART UK. This collaboration is a testament to their dedication to social responsibility and community support.
  • Brand values in action: By featuring our logo, the company is helping raise awareness about our cause. This collaboration extends beyond the product – it's about aligning values and using their platform to shine a spotlight on the work HEART UK is doing to create positive change.
  • License for a better world: A company that has received Product Approval recognizes the value of our mission and has obtained a license to use our logo, demonstrating their dedication to supporting people with raised cholesterol.

HEART UK Approved Products

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