National Cholesterol Month


Budget-Friendly Heart Health 

Make sure your heart is taken care of without spending a fortune.

Looking after your heart, your most precious asset, is worth every effort. With increasing food costs, you may think eating healthily is challenging, being more worried about how much your supermarket bill is, than whether it's healthy. The good news is that you can take care of both your heart and your wallet and we'll show you how.  

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Whether you’re looking to take on a challenge or can make a donation – there are many ways you can get involved & make a difference.

Get Involved

Being active is a major part of looking after your cholesterol levels and keeping your heart healthy.

It can:

  • Raise your HDL cholesterol levels, the good cholesterol which removes fat from your arteries
  • Lower your LDL cholesterol, the type of cholesterol that gets laid down in your arteries
  • Help you to lose weight or stay a healthy weight 
  • Help you lose fat from around your middle, which is important for heart health lower your blood pressure
  • Lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes or help control it. 


Free ways to get more active

There are lots of inexpensive ways to get more active. See where you can fit extra bursts of activity into your day. It can be more fun being active with others. Why not organise a regular walk or arrange a trip to the park with family and friends? Find things that you enjoy doing so that you’re more likely to stick with them in the long term. Make them part of your routine and form new healthy habits

We have created an Exercise Planner to help you plan how you can get more activity into your day. Exercise planners have many benefits. They can motivate you and make the whole endeavour of getting regular exercise so much easier. A good plan keeps you going and makes you more proficient at building healthy habits.

HEART UK have also partnered with CP+R  to provide you with some free exclusive home exercise videos, that you can do from the comfort of your own home, whenever is convenient to you. These videos are aimed at raising your heart rate and increasing your blood circulation for better cardiac (heart) health.

You can also visit NHS Better Health. They have lots of ideas and support for getting active, including a free app, ways to get fit for free at home, and Couch to 5K – a plan to take you from total beginner to running 5K in 9 weeks.



National Cholesterol Month 

National Cholesterol Month Comms Pack

National Cholesterol Month is designed to raise the awareness of all things Cholesterol.  The combined social media reach of everyone involved, has the potential to reach a lot more people.  Please tag HEART UK into any social posts and use #nationalcholesterolmonth 

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