Rahim's story

Rahim Patel was overweight, had high cholesterol and was at risk of developing diabetes. After a health screening yielded troubling results, he contacted HEART UK and took his first step towards a remarkable turnaround.

When 38-year-old Rahim was diagnosed with high cholesterol, he was overweight, suffered from heart palpitations, had high blood pressure and he smoked. Luckily he called our Cholesterol Helpline. We were able to explain about healthy eating and encourage him to change his lifestyle. Rahim acted on our advice, gave up smoking, reduced his weight and, four years on, he now has healthy cholesterol levels.

“HEART UK extended my life, enlightening me about healthy eating, teaching me about reading food labels and the right things to eat. I cannot describe to you in words how getting healthy has changed my life, and it’s all down to HEART UK.”