Jack's story

Jack’s father had two heart attacks in his 50’s

Jack's father had two heart attacks in his 50's and his cholesterol level was found to be very high. He had a stent fitted but after another heart attack, doctors found the stent that had been inserted had furred up. He was put on medication and is now stable.

Given the history of his father and his paternal uncle, who died suddenly in his late 30’s from a heart attack, Jack, 26, and a student nurse from Bristol, was keen to check his own cholesterol levels.   Jack got himself tested and discovered that his cholesterol was 9.3 and his HDL was under 0.7. After consulting his GP, Jack was sent to a lipid clinic where he was genetically tested for FH.  The results confirmed that Jack has FH and he is now on treatment and doing well.

Jack admits that having FH can be confusing and even for a health care professional like Jack, throw up some unanswered questions.  Luckily for him he found HEART UK’s Helpline and got the support he needed.  “I emailed one of their Nurse Specialists who was very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.  It was great to hear from someone who could interpret my results and has first-hand knowledge of FH”, states Jack.

After his confirmed diagnosis, Jack persuaded his father to be tested and he has since also been diagnosed as having FH.  Jack’s sister and his brother are both in the process of being tested and Jack’s aunt in Canada is also getting tested.

Jack has a very positive attitude to having FH.  “As a nurse I know what high cholesterol can do to your cardiovascular system and the earlier you can start treatment, the better” states Jack.  Jack’s cholesterol is now well down to 4.7 and he is grateful that at least he knows he has the condition and can do something about it; he is also grateful that his family are getting tested.

Jack is an Ambassador for HEART UK and is keen to help in any way he can with raising awareness and fundraising.