Emma's story

Both of my parents were very slim, ate healthily, and were active, yet my Dad was diagnosed with high cholesterol back in 1990. Devastatingly my Mum died of a heart attack aged only 66.

I was strongly advised to have a cholesterol test by our family GP and my cholesterol level was 8.4 and I was immediately put on statins. I was pretty shocked to discover that I had such high cholesterol.

The doctors had been encouraging me to have a test for FH since my Mum passed away, but to be honest I was scared. As I was on statins and my cholesterol levels had reduced so I kept putting it off. I am very slim (5ft 6” and 7 1/2 stone) exercise a lot and eat healthily but recently had a test which confirms FH and Lipoprotein(a).

Both FH and Lipoprotein(a)  can lead to early heart disease. I’m keeping up my fit and healthy lifestyle, and eating well too while still needing medication.