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The Tackling Cholesterol Together Education Programme is intended for UK healthcare professionals only. This programme has been funded by the pharmaceutical companies detailed below and these companies have had no input into the content or development of this programme. 

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The Lipidology Podcast

The Lipidology Podcast from HEART UK features conversations with leading figures in health innovation to understand key barriers and enablers around lipid management and optimisation.

Episode One:   Understanding QOF: The 2023/2024 Lipid Indicators

This episode explores the role of cholesterol within secondary prevention with two new cholesterol indicators added to the 2023/2024 Quality Outcome Framework (QOF) that has now been published. You will learn more about the two new indicators, why they are important and practical steps to achieve them.

Created in partnership with HEART UK, East Midlands Academic Health Science Network, Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network.

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Other Podcasts



Ciara Wannop discusses how having a heart attack while pregnant saved her life by flagging a potentially fatal genetic condition. 

Approx 38 minutes

Heel prick testing featuring Dr Sue Kemsley, a GP and primary care lipid lead from Cheshire. 

Approx 13 mins