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Non Therapy Specific Case Studies

The following real world case studies are non therapy specific.

HEART UK have permission to publish these materials from the original authors. You must get written permission from the original authors to reproduce these materials; This includes any text, charts, tables etc. Ownership of the work remains with the original authors and should only be used to support lipid service delivery. Once you have sought permission from the rights holder the content should not be altered in any way when reproduced. 

Mid Hampshire Healthcare Cardiovascular Risk Review Pathway - Implementation Report

Mid Hampshire Healthcare is a GP Federation covering the Winchester and Andover regions of Hampshire (4PCNs/18 practices). In the first quarter of 2022/23 they entered in to a collaborative working partnership with Novartis  enabling the set up and launch of a secondary prevention cardiovascular risk review pathway/service. Wessex AHSN has supported the implementation of this service and produced an implementation report covering the setup and initial delivery period to the end of February 2023.

The purpose of this report is to provide some initial insight into the implementation which may help the federation with future plans and also inform other organisations considering similar models.

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South West London Lipids Transformation Programme: Its Impact and Our Learning

A lipid optimisation programme was piloted in South West London ( to improve dyslipidaemia management in primary and secondary care. The aims were to increase lipid lowering therapy (LLT) uptake, provide community based point of care testing (POCT), and upskill primary care staff

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NHS Long Term Plan CVD Ambitions

A pilot project in 6 South East London Primary Care Networks (PCNs) from December 2021 to December 2022 set out to address the need for improvements in lipid management to reduce cardiovascular (CV) risk, including increased focus on CV risk assessments, statin uptake for primary prevention, and improved Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) detection, diagnosis and management. The learning has been shared with healthcare professionals in South East London and has shaped local lipid management pathways and educational programmes with the aim of reducing CV risk in local populations and the development of lipid champions in primary care

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Improving Education and Management of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Through a Primary Care Fellowship Programme

The Fellowship programme was designed to support primary care to develop the knowledge and skills needed to work towards the NHS long-term plan ambition and the primary care Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) and Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service (DES) targets for 2022/23.

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Lincolnshire Case Study in Lipid Management

United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust, Lincolnshire Community Health Services, and Lincolnshire Integrated Care Board have been integrating care through an18-month project, and transforming care for patients living with Heart Failure across the county.  The program has built a close relationship between Clinical Commissioners, GPs, Secondary Care Cardiology and Community Teams.  We also established our Community Cardiology Team, by bringing an existing Heart Failure and Cardiac Rehab community teams together.

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Accelerating the re-design of the Somerset lipid service

The South West AHSN have played an integral part in bringing together a multi-organisational team to plan and implement the Somerset lipid service re-design aimed at improving patient cardiovascular disease (CVD) outcomes.

View this case study


Developing the Greater Manchester Lipid Management Pathway

The AHSN Network is delivering a 3-year National Lipids Optimisation Programme 4 , which aims to improve the management of cholesterol, increase the detection of those with Familial Hypercholesterolaemia and optimise the use of all medicines for patients on the cholesterol management pathway.

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North East London Lipid Optimisation Programme

Barts Health NHS Trust has prioritised CVD prevention across NEL. The Barts Heart Centre hosts a novel CVD prevention department bringing together expertise in advanced risk factor management. The department also hosts the outward facing “East London Cardiovascular Disease Prevention” (ELoPE) programme, which leads on designing and delivering CVD prevention across NEL, in partnership with local partners and the integrated care system.

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Developing the Greater Manchester Lipid Management Search Tool

The AHSN Network is delivering a 3-year National Lipids Optimisation Programme, which aims to:

  • Optimise use of lipid lowering therapies
  • Deliver novel injectable lipid lowering therapies
  • Case-finding

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