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The Diet & Lipids Networking Group

The Diet and Lipids Networking Group is a free, hour-long, quarterly virtual meeting for all healthcare professionals, where any topics relating to the dietary management of cholesterol and other blood lipids are discussed. These meetings provide an open forum to share and learn with other health professionals working nationwide to support you in your clinical practice.


Our next meeting on Thursday 30th November 2023, at 1pm, will be chaired by Lynne Garton, Dietetic Adviser at HEART UK, with expert guest, Dr Thomas Butler, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Health, Edgehill University and Scientific Officer for the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation. The topic we will be discussing is the ‘Dietary Management in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation’.

Come and join us as we investigate the nutrition recommendations following a cardiovascular event; the evidence behind these recommendations; how to translate these guidelines into practice and the impact of diet on reducing a secondary event.

Please submit your questions when you register, and we will address the most asked questions during the session!

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The Diet and Lipid Networking Group is open to all health professionals with an interest in the dietary management of lipids, as well as commissioners, service providers, policymakers and specialist lipid professionals. To raise an agenda item or for further details, contact us.