Professional networking

Find opportunities to meet and learn from other health professionals interested in blood fats and cardiovascular disease

The HEART UK FH Intelligence Network

The FH Intelligence Network provides an opportunity to help overcome workplace situations and identify solutions to help implement and run an effective FH service.

Calls are open to health care professionals delivering, or commissioning FH services and take place the third Tuesday of the month from 7pm.

For dial-in details please contact Simon Williams

Lipid interest group

The Lipid Interest Group open to all nurses and allied health professionals with an interest in cholesterol and other blood fats (lipids). 

The group aims to:

  •  Help educate health care professionals and patients on all aspects related to lipids;
  •  Network and support those working in lipids;
  •  Promote up to date research and information on lipid problems and their treatments
  •  Identify new and current lipid clinics in the UK and those health care professionals involved with them.

We send out a ‘round robin’ every 2 months, which includes articles, information, recent research, case studies or anything related to raised lipids and their treatment which would be of interest to the members. We also share information on upcoming conferences,  meetings and study days. Any member of the group can contribute/volunteer to do this.

Contact Tina Dawson for more details and free membership.

The HEART UK Nutritional Academy

Desk research has suggested that dietetic support to patients diagnosed with significant hypercholesterolaemia or hypertriglycerideamia and other complex and rare lipid conditions is variable within the UK and dependent upon several factors including localised funding, dietetic expertise, training and resources. In many cases dietetic advice is being given by non-dietetic health care professionals who may lack the time and necessary skills and knowledge to optimise dietary interventions.

HEART UK's Nutrition Academy provides support to dietitians and lipid clinics in the UK who are involved in treating patients with hyperlipidaemias.  The main aims are:

  • To help dietitians deliver appropriate advice to patients with lipid disorders including complex and rare conditions.
  • To improve the standard of nutritional advice and support received by patients with lipid conditions
  • To improve adherence by patients to best practice dietary advice


Annual Scientific Conference

The HEART UK Annual Scientific Conference provides an excellent networking opportunity for health care professionals from across the country.

The 2018 conference focused on cholesterol management in the future and reflected the current period of change in health care delivery and expectation.