Hope for future generations

Please consider a gift in your Will to HEART UK

A very important part of HEART UK's income comes from the generosity of people like you, whether it's through regular giving, taking part in an event or an individual donation, we are so grateful for all your kind contributions. 

Kind gifts in a Will have helped to provide our vitial services such as our Cholesterol Helpline, our campaigning activities and our wide range of literature and fact sheets.

Leaving a legacy to HEART UK is a wonderful gift to future generations helping us to keep families together, longer.  Would you consider leaving a legacy in your will?

Two-thirds of UK citizens don’t have a Will, yet it is the only way to ensure your estate goes to the right people when you die.  HEART UK has joined forces with Legacy Alliance – a will writing service - to offer a 20% discount on Wills with a further 10% donated to HEART UK, for every supporter using their services.  You can see more information about this scheme here. *

HEART UK are members of ‘Remember a Charity’ – a consortium of over 140 charities working together to encourage more people to leave a gift in their will.  Through our membership we have a useful step by step booklet entitled ‘Your Guide to making a Will’.

For more information or a friendly chat on providing the gift of a lifetime, please contact us on 01628 777046 or drop us an email.

What costs you little now, will be of lasting value to HEART UK

*HEART UK cannot accept any liability for services provided by third party suppliers including The Legacy Alliance.