One serving of fried chicken a day linked to 13% higher risk of death, reports CNN


A regular serving of fried chicken or fish is associated with a higher risk of death from any cause except cancer, according to a new study done in postmenopausal women in the United States reports CNN 24 January 2019.

Women who enjoyed fried chicken once or more per day had a 13% higher risk of death from any cause compared with women who did not eat any fried food, according to the study, published Wednesday in the medical journal BMJ.

Women eating a daily portion of fried fish or shellfish saw a 7% greater risk of death.

Lynne Garton, dietetic adviser to the charity Heart UK, said the study is "interesting" but warned about drawing firm conclusions. The women who ate more fried foods tended to be generally less healthy, meaning there are a "host of factors" that could have led to the results, she explained.

Additionally, their "diet was assessed at the beginning of the study, which assumes the same diet was followed for the whole 18 years of follow-up."


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