Closing the Cholesterol Gap

Closing the Cholesterol Gap

Closing the Cholesterol Gap report June 2022 BLog

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a big problem across the whole of the UK. HEART UK partnered with Daiichi Sankyo to produce a report discussing ‘Closing the Cholesterol Gap’, which puts high cholesterol at the heart of the action on health inequalities. The report demonstrates the challenges and opportunities to improve cholesterol health across the UK. 

I have often said that the ‘C’ for ‘Cholesterol’ stands for ‘Cinderella’, because cholesterol is too frequently seen as the Cinderella of CVD and not given the priority it deserves that could truly save lives.

The report collates and analyses data from all corners of the UK to provide a snapshot of the challenges in cholesterol management and inequalities in outcomes. It highlights gaps in the existing data landscape that require attention to ensure opportunities for improvement are identified and seized. It also shows how there are regional disparities in cholesterol-related outcomes and access to services across the whole of the UK.

Recommendations are made for each of the four nations, with similarities across all of them, in particular around data and shared learnings.

HEART UK’s aim is for everyone to know and understand their cholesterol levels and to take appropriate action. This is a landmark report in CVD for the UK, however, it’s what happens next that is important. Working together to prevent heart attacks and strokes is essential to ensure better patient outcomes.

HEART UK – Lowering cholesterol, saving lives.

Daiichi Sankyo UK Ltd, working with HEART UK, have produced this report. The project was initiated and funded by Daiichi Sankyo UK Ltd.

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