Jules Payne, CEO, talks about how HEART UK will shape the future for people with high cholesterol

Jules Payne, CEO, talks about how HEART UK will shape the future for people with high cholesterol

We are extremely proud of what we have achieved during the pandemic to support so many more people needing our help, despite losing a third of our income.

We are working hard to ensure that people with high cholesterol are detected as early as possible and receive the support they need to prevent premature death and improve health and wellbeing.

In our 35th year, HEART UK is at a pivotal point where our plans will make a huge difference to thousands more people at risk of developing serious, life threatening cardiovascular disease in the future.

We want to increase the number of people identified with inherited lipid conditions and for people to know & understand their cholesterol and other lipid levels and take appropriate action.

To do this, we will continue to: develop new information for individuals about cholesterol and cardiovascular disease; further expand our healthcare services and provide guidance on the issue of high cholesterol; and ensure that this leading risk factor remains a top health priority for the Government and NHS bodies.

We plan to:

  • Work to support the health system to ensure cholesterol and FH remain a top health priority for prevention with adequate funding
  • Continue our role as advocates for a new child–parent screening programme for FH across all 4 nations of the UK.  We are pleased to say that, thanks to our influencing, this is being piloted by the NHS in 7 areas of England
  • Enable thousands more people to know their cholesterol levels and detect those with high cholesterol via more readily available cholesterol testing
  • Introduce an education programme for healthcare professionals in primary care and continue to deliver our annual scientific conference, webinars and materials to ensure improved patient outcomes
  • Develop our helpline and information services, including age-appropriate services for children and young people with FH
  • Expand our Nutrition Academy to include a modular course and an e-newsletter.  Our Nutrition Academy is dedicated to educating healthcare professionals providing diet information to patients.  We aim for consistent and good quality information to be provided to patients for better health outcomes
  • Develop our ambassador programme further to widen our voice in the community

We receive no funding from the Government, and the pandemic has had a huge impact on our income, dropping it by one third. That is why we need your support through our summer appeal to help us to shape a better future for people with high cholesterol.  


Thank you for your support.