Virtual cookery demos set to get you loving heart-healthy foods with Alpro

Virtual cookery demos set to get you loving heart-healthy foods with Alpro

To mark this October’s National Cholesterol month, influential nutritionists and dietitians are running a series of virtual cookery demonstrations showcasing delicious, easy-to-follow recipes featuring foods that are both good for cholesterol and heart heath.

The dishes have been developed specifically for the Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan©, devised to include the four foods for cholesterol management.

They’ll be posting how they’ve got on each day throughout the first week of the month. Watch and be inspired to try it yourself at home…let us (and them) know how you get on! 

Cookery demo schedule:

Thursday 1 October

Priya Tew @priya_tew – Banana Bread: A great and tasty way to use up ripe bananas. A tea time treat that's low in saturated fat and high in unsaturated fat.

Friday 2 October

Nichola Ludlam-Raine @nicsnutrition ­– Dauphinoise Potato Topped Pie: A great tasting UCLP© dish low in saturated fat and salt, providing one of your 5-a-day and a boost to your fibre intake.

Saturday 3 October

Rhiannon Lambert @rhitrition – Blueberry Vanilla Cake: A fruity citrus tea-time treat that’s low in saturated fats and dairy free.

Sunday 4 October

Helen Bond @helenbonddietitian – Fruit Trifle: A plant-based UCLP© twist on a classic. This trifle uses fresh fruit and soya alternative to yogurt and soya custard to keep saturated fats down.

Monday 5 October

Emma Hanton @essentially.emma – Veggie Cottage Pie: A beany veggie twist to the classic that's full of heart-warming goodness: low in saturated fat and salt, rich in fibre and plant proteins, as well as providing 2 of your 5-a-day.

Tuesday 6 October

Dr Gemma Newman @plantpowerdoctor – Veggie Chilli with Avocado Dip: Spice things up with our UCLP© chilli, full on taste and heart healthy credentials. Provides 4 of your 5-a-day in one serving!

Wednesday 7 October

Maeve Hannon @dieteticallyspeaking – Vegetable & Bean Bake: A delicious heart-warming dish packed with vegetables and beans. Source of fibre and rich in heart healthy unsaturated fats.

Thursday 8 October

Azmina Govindji @AzminaNutrition – Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup: Delicious either hot or cold, the hit of curry powder enhances the flavours of the sweet potato and the butternut squash. Contains 2 of you 5-a-day.