The Ultimate Cholesterol-Lowering Dietary Plan – New Scientific Review

The Ultimate Cholesterol-Lowering Dietary Plan – New Scientific Review


Wed 30 Oct, 8pm-9pm

High cholesterol levels are one of the major risk factors to CHD.

This October, HEART UK’s National Cholesterol Month, sees the launch of the updated Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan (UCLP©). It’s a science-based approach to encouraging diet change to include foods for heart health and healthy cholesterol levels.

Originally developed in 2011 by @HEART UK with the science and nutrition team at @Alpro and now updated, the step-by-step plan is based on both heart health science and behavioural strategies. It can be tailored to meet any individuals’ motivation level and preferences – users are encouraged to build the plan that suits them best, so that change is realistic and easy to maintain. They’re encouraged to incorporate more changes only as and when they feel ready to do so.

Health professionals play a major role in influencing food and health choices.

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