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FH is a global health problem- FH Awareness Day 24th September

"FH is a global health problem but sadly there is a severe lack of awareness, identification and optimal treatment across the world and the UK is no different." 

Familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH for short) is an inherited condition which can lead to extremely high cholesterol levels. It is passed down through families in the genes.  Without treatment, FH can lead to heart disease at a very young age. But once it's been diagnosed, it can be treated with medication and a healthy lifestyle.  

National Cholesterol Month

Virtual cookery demos set to get you loving heart-healthy foods with Alpro

To mark this October’s National Cholesterol month, influential nutritionists and dietitians are running a series of virtual cookery demonstrations showcasing delicious, easy-to-follow recipes featuring foods that are both good for cholesterol and heart heath.

The dishes have been developed specifically for the Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan©, devised to include the four foods for cholesterol management.