HEART UK Grants and Awards


HEART UK provides annual grants to help towards achieving the objectives of the charity. The grants can go towards such things as scientific and medical research, improving patient care or exploring new treatment.

We are currently reviewing the grants programme to see how we can make it better. More information will be available soon.

 National Clinical Impact Awards

HEART UK are recognised as a registered specialist society which enables us to consider applications for National Clinical Impact Awards [NCIAs] at bronze, silver and gold level.

The NCIAs, previously the National Clinical Excellence Awards, are prestigious awards, granted to some of the NHS’ most senior clinicians via an annual competition. The awards seek to recognise the unique and specialised role that NHS consultant doctors, dentists and academic GPs play and the impact of their work on the NHS at a national level. The awards cover England and Wales.

The aim is that the scheme is fully reflective and representative of this diversity and therefore encourages applications from all consultants who believe they meet the criteria. More information and guidance on the awards can be found on the ACCEA website under Information and Guidance.

The NCIA awards opened on 27 April and close on Wednesday 22 June 2022.  If you would like HEART UK to consider your application in its ranking and citation process, please send your completed application to ea@heartuk.org.uk by close of play 3 June 2022.

In your covering email, please detail in a maximum of 200 words each:

  1. What your contribution has been to further the management of hyperlipidaemia locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.
  2. Why you believe that HEART UK should support your application and your engagement with HEART UK to date.

These, together with information from the national forms, will be used by an appropriately-constituted HEART UK sub-committee to propose a ranked list of candidates and to provide citations for those nominated to the ACCEA.

Please note, we are not able to provide any feedback on whether we have supported your application.

Conference awards

At our Annual Medical and Scientific Conference we provide prizes and awards to recognise talent and best practice.

The Bill Richmond Award for the Best Medical & Scientific Oral Presentation

Bill Richmond was a founder member of the British Hyperlipidaemia Association (now HEART UK) and for many years was a member of the Laboratory Sub Committee. In August 2010 Bill died tragically in a fishing accident in his beloved Scotland.

The award in honour of Bill Richmond for the best oral presentation in the medical and scientific abstracts.

Rianna Wingett Award

Rianna Wingett  died at the age of 11 yrs and to celebrate her young life an award is made at the HEART UK to thank a health care professional for their dedication to patient care. There can only be one award yet so many work incredibly hard and beyond the call of duty.

The next HEART UK Annual Medical and Scientific Conference is 3 – 5th July 2019, when applications will re-open.