Volunteering for HEART UK

We have a network of volunteers across the UK we call HEART UK Ambassadors. They are people just like you and have often been affected by heart disease either themselves, a close friend or relative. Our Ambassadors are a vital part of our charity and so much can be done together.

We have so much going on, we couldn’t do it all without the support of our fabulous volunteers who are at the heart of local communities and help us spread the word about HEART UK amongst thousands more people.

HEART UK Ambassadors help us raise awareness of our work and the issues that concern us most, run patient support groups, talk to community groups, talk with local MP and hold fundraising events.

See what happened when our supporters and ambassadors visited Parliament on the FH Day of Action.


HEART UK Ambassadors help to empower the patient voice and provide a support network for people in a similar situation, raising awareness of the importance of managing cholesterol and supporting the work of HEART UK.

Ambassadors can also help us with fundraising by organising events and raising money for the charity.

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We’re delighted you wish to become a HEART UK Ambassador. Please email or call 01628 777 046 for more information about what is going on in your area and how you can get involved.