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Shape the future for people with high cholesterol

Now is the time to act to save lives. Your support is more vital today than ever before.  

We are proud of how we have supported so many more people who have needed our help during the pandemic. But now, we urgently need your help to replace the loss of one third of our income.

We are now at the pivotal point where we can bring about a step change for thousands of people with high cholesterol in the future. We’ve been innovating our support services and our work with clinicians so that they are better able to help you. 

With your support, we can save more lives by reducing cardiovascular disease, vascular dementia and strokes caused by high cholesterol, and shape the NHS to improve early detection and treatment for those at risk.


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Whatever size gift you can make is much appreciated

A one-off donation of £35 in our 35th year could help someone access the vital medical information and advice they need

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£10 per month could enable someone to get all the support and information they need to manage a new diagnosis

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£20 per month could help fund our clinical education projects to improve early diagnosis and treatment

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"I used HEART UK’s website and helpline several times during the pandemic to learn about FH, and High Lipoprotein (a).  It helped me prepare for my medical appointments and to manage my condition.  The Heart UK nurse was sensitive and receptive, and I trusted her expertise and knowledge of cholesterol and heart health. The nurse reassured me that I was asking the right questions and I was seeing the right people.