Giving something back to HEART UK

Above: Mohammed with his wife Farhana, Zunairah, & their son Zakir

"It makes me feel especially good when I get involved in whatever way I can to give something back to HEART UK"

Mohammed has been an Ambassador for HEART UK for 4 years and is passionate about raising awareness and funds.

Mohammed, his wife Farhana, their son Zakir and their 9 year old daughter Zunairah, all have FH.  Unfortunately, Farhana and  Zunairah both have the more severe form of FH called Homozygous familial hypercholesteraemia as they inherited two defective genes,  from each of their parents.   Farhana and Zunairah attend hospital every week for apherises treatment.

With his friendly open personality, Mohammed is a passionate and natural fundraiser, and together with his family and friends has raised over £4,000 for HEART UK.  He wholeheartedly got himself and a friend involved in the Big Half Marathon and also the recent Prudential virtual bike ride where he organised teams for two separate cycling events. 

 Mohammed has also supported HEART UK by attending an FH Day of Action at the House of Commons designed to put pressure on the government to keep cholesterol and heart health at the top of the health agenda.