Heart Month February 2022



Join our Cook-along Fundraiser

Tandoori roast salmon with coronation cauliflower and brown rice

on Friday 18th February from 6 pm to 7 pm

With executive head chef, Ian Human, who  has over 20 years' experience as hospitality in a global company.

The ingredients have been specifically selected for people with high cholesterol. 

Each participant will be sent two pieces of  premium brand  Loch Duart Salmon beforehand. 

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5 ways to wellbeing 

during heart month

February 2022



1 Take notice 

Be informed about your cholesterol and how to reduce it

Cholesterol is a blood fat which plays a vital role in how all of our cells work. However, too much cholesterol in the blood can lead to diseases of the heart and blood vessels

Find out more

2 Connect

Sharing positive experiences with others improves your emotional wellbeing and reduces stress and anxiety

  • Spend quality time with your friends, family and colleagues
  • Organise a lunchtime walk with colleagues


3 Be active

Take on a fitness challenge in February  to improve your physical health

Sign up for our 10,000 steps a day challenge 

Sign up for the Kilt Walk 

Sign up for one of our ultra challenges

4 Keep learning  about healthy food

Boost your self confidence and improve your diet by learning heart healthy cooking skills

Eating for lower cholesterol

Learn some new recipes

Post your photos on Facebook and tag us @heartukcharity 

5 Give

Donate whatever you can to  reduce premature disease and death from high cholesterol 

and you could win a dietary assessment!



Thank you for getting involved and for your support to HEART UK!