FH Day of Action

26 January 2021

The prioritisation of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) within the NHS Long Term Plan in England was an important step in providing better diagnosis and care for patients. However, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, time and resources have been shifted away from other areas of healthcare, and more work is needed to be done to ensure the Government is held to account on these commitments.

Your voice as a HEART UK supporter is a powerful force in influencing decision-makers and making a difference

This is why we are asking for your help

HEART UK has been instrumental in raising awareness of FH and making sure the NHS and government does more to find FH. 

In previous years we have been able to visit Parliament and meet with MPs on our FH Days of Action. Whilst this year we won’t be able to raise awareness within the physical walls of the Houses of Parliament, we will be launching a virtual Day of Action and we hope you will join us.

Join the campaign in 2021

On FH Day of Action 2021, we are encouraging all our supporters to contact their Members of Parliament and decision-makers to raise awareness of FH, and to ensure that commitments made to increase detection have not been forgotten. 

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  • Get tips and guidance for engaging with your MP
  • An example letter to use for your MP
  • Pledge cards for MPs
  • Tips and guidance for taking part in the social media campaign
  • Template tweets and social media posts

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What has HEART UK done for people affected by FH?

  • We have successfully campaigned to get more investment in the NHS for FH
  • We provide support and factual information for people affected by FH
  • We lobby Parliament
  • We provide free training and support for doctors and nurses
  • We work with pharmaceutical companies to provide treatment for people with FH