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Reports from HEART UK - The Cholesterol Charity


Cardiovascular Disease Care: best practice

This report was produced for the Public Health England conference 2020 to give an overview of good practice and ways of working, following interviews and meetings conducted across the country.


 State of the Nation: Cardiovascular Disease

The report covers policy directives and strategies at a national level, the impact and opportunities that come with NHS organisational restructuring, and the ever-growing role of care and health at the community level in delivering long-term health improvement outcomes. 

The recommendations within this report are important calls to action for a wide variety of stakeholders, from those working at the highest levels of Government making decisions on NHS strategy, to those managing public health within local authorities.

Prioritising the prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD)

HEART UK were invited by the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health and Primary Care to submit a proposal to be included in the forthcoming Green Paper on Prevention. This paper has been developed following a cross-stakeholder roundtable discussion which included representatives from the third sector, professional organisations, NHS England, Public Health England and industry.

Identifying FH in Primary Care

In 2014, HEART UK published ‘Systematically Identifying Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) in Primary Care’. The report showed how NHS Medway CCG more than doubled the number of people diagnosed with FH in the CCG by implementing two simple interventions.

Data: Helping Us Beat Cholesterol

This report was developed by HEART UK following the removal of a number of CVD indicators from the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF), after concerns were raised about how data relating to CVD and cholesterol is being collected. The report aims to look at current data collection practices and what barriers exist in utilising data in driving improvements in CVD patient management.