Pulling your plan together


See how you can divide your fat allowance up throughout the day and make meal plans that work for you. 

Dividing up your fat allowance

Once you know how much fat you can eat and the amount of fats in different foods, you can think about how you can divide this up over the day. Having the numbers planned out can help you to figure out what you can eat at each meal time.

Splitting your fat allowance up throughout the day has other benefits too:

  • It makes it easier for your body to absorb nutrients.
  • It stops your triglycerides from rising too high.
  • It lessens abdominal pain.

Here is a suggestion of what your plan for the day might look like, depending on how much fat you can eat:

Fat allowance per day (g) Breakfast (g) Lunch (g) Dinner (g) Snacks (g)
10 2 3 3 2
15 3 5 5 2
20 4 6 6 4

Planning your meals and snacks

Tips to make your new way of eating easier.

Make a plan for the week

Now that you know which foods are suitable for you and got an idea of how to spread your fat allowance over the day, it's useful to put together a meal plan that works for you.  You will soon get the hang of it and learn as you go. These tips can help.

Write a list of meals you like

Think about the different things you can eat for breakfast, lunch, evening meals and snacks. Write a list, so you can always refer to it and add to it so you don’t always have to think of things you can eat or get stuck in a rut.

Now that you have a list of meals and snacks you like, you can make a plan for all your meals for the week.

Make a shopping list

From your meal plan, make a shopping list. If you are in a rush or feeling hungry it’s easy to lose sight of all your good intentions, so doing a weekly shop helps keep you on track and takes the stress out of shopping.

Check the labels online

You can check food labels on many supermarket websites. This means you can find out individual foods that are suitable before you go.

Cook meals for the week

You might find it useful to cook a few meals on one day. Store them in the fridge and freezer so you’re set for the week. 

Have healthy snacks ready for emergencies

Keep a stash of snacks at home, work and even in your car or bag. So that whenever you get hungry, you know you’ve got something healthy to hand.

A cook book bursting with delicious very low fat recipes, designed specifically for people with FCS.  Registered Dietitian and Consultant Nutritionist, Azmina Govindji , created the dishes for the whole family, so there’s no need to make special meals for one. A game-changer for anyone with FCS who loves healthier South Asian cuisine.

Take a look

This cookbook has been provided by Sobi, in collaboration with HEART UK. The recipes are meant to inspire and should not be used as a dietary guide.

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