Partnership opportunities

Companies large and small can play a crucial role as corporate partners of HEART UK supporting our vital work.

Being involved with a charity motivates staff, lifts team spirit and demonstrates good corporate social responsibility – and it’s FUN!

Whatever the size of your team and where you're based, there's a host of inventive ways you can help us and benefit your company at the same time.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Charity of the year
    Choosing HEART UK as your Charity of the year is a great way to support us. We can tailor a package of activity to your company including exciting fundraising ideas, use of our logo, mutual PR, and a dedicated Account Manager for support.
  • Cause related marketing
    If you have a product which you think has a synergy with HEART UK then contact us to find out how a cause related marketing opportunity might work for you.

    We would be happy to discuss how your product could be linked to HEART UK with a donation from sales coming direct to the charity.
  • Affinity partnership
    If you have a service which you would like to promote – such as a hotel, holiday or insurance, then contact us to discuss a possible affinity partnership.

    When any HEART UK member or supporter books one of these services with a special code, HEART UK will receive a commission payment.
  • Electronic fundraising
    Electronic fundraising is a new and very popular way to align with a charity.
    For companies selling products online you can ask customers at the check out stage whether they would like to ‘round up their pennies’ or donate a £1.
    This is such an effective easy way to raise funds and it’s great for your customers to know your commitment to a charity.
  • Payroll giving
    Payroll giving is a great way for your staff to get involved and donate on a regular basis directly from their salary.  As the donations will be made before tax is deducted, every £1 staff give will only cost them 80p for basic rate taxpayer and 60p if they pay at the higher rate.
  • Raise funds
    Raise funds for us and get your office or workplace involved with our National Cholesterol Month™. This is a month dedicated to raising awareness of high cholesterol and inherited high cholesterol.  Why not have a Hearty Tea Party at your office, have fun and raise funds for HEART UK too!
  • Match funds
    If you are fundraising at work or taking part in a sporting event or challenge for HEART UK why not boost your sponsorship by asking your employer to match the funds you raise?  Don’t be afraid to ask – companies like their staff getting involved this way.
  • Volunteer
    Why not volunteer for HEART UK?  Many companies offer schemes for volunteers to help charities.  If you are based near our office in Maidenhead we would be very happy to hear how you could contribute.
  • Other ideas
    There are plenty of other great fundraising ideas for companies and staff to raise funds for HEART UK from dress down days to car washing and even sponsored tea making!  For further information about any of these ideas contact