Corporate Partnerships

HEART UK welcomes the opportunity to work in mutually-beneficial partnership with businesses of all sizes. Working together with our corporate partners helps us to raise awareness of the importance of high cholesterol and campaign on important issues.

Whether you’d like to take part in National Cholesterol Month, organise a work place event, get together with colleagues for a sponsored event or apply for our product approval, we would love to hear from you.


Product approval 

When you see the The HEART UK logo on products, it means that our experts have approved the heart healthy claims made. It means we agree that the food product helps to manage cholesterol, when taken together with a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

All of these food products have been reviewed and evaluated by our panel of experts. HEART UK only approves food that can demonstrate benefits to managing cholesterol and to heart health according to strict nutritional and scientific criteria.

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Partnership opportunities

However big or small your company is, there are plenty of mutually beneficial ideas for how you can help save lives and support HEART UK, whilst gaining from CSR, marketing and employee engagement opportunities. From bake off to bingo or making HEART UK your charity of the year, let’s make working together a priority to save lives.

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