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Corporate Partnerships with HEART UK

Now more than ever, corporations are looking to partner with nonprofit organisations. Consumers are increasingly interested in buying from brands that have a philanthropic aspect to them. Thanks to research conducted in the Cone Cause Evolution Study, we know that 85% of consumers have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a charity they care about. It’s not just about appearances, though. 80% of consumers are likely to switch brands to one that supports a charity.

HEART UK is the UK’s only cholesterol charity. Our mission is to prevent early disease and deaths from cholesterol and other blood fat (lipid) conditions in the UK. By providing support, information and influencing cholesterol services for families and health professionals, our aim is for people to know and understand their cholesterol and take appropriate action. We’re always striving to create a happier and healthier UK and we believe that can be achieved through increased public awareness - which is where our partnerships with corporations come in!

"Alpro have had a fantastic partnership with HEART UK for over 15 years. Raising the importance of cholesterol is at the heart of everything they do, providing such important support and advice for families and health professionals. Working closely together to produce the very popular co - branded Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Diet , they have really helped Alpro communicate on the benefits of plant based eating including soya for heart health. They are a really great team to work with , providing so much expertise and knowledge, which as a business we know we can always rely on."

Kate Arthur, Consumer Nutrition Manager - Alpro

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How do corporations benefit from a partnership with HEART UK? 

As part of our efforts, we partner with companies of different sizes and industries to help raise awareness of the dangers of high cholesterol and the hereditary condition, Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH). From educational literature to social media advertising campaigns, there are many ways that we can work together and make an impact.

  • Enhance your brand
  • Connect with your target audience in an impactful way
  • Benefit from our vast and engaged audience
  • Extend your marketing strategy
  • Receive support and insight from our Dietetic Advisor
  • Increase the credibility of your campaigns – trusted by consumers and healthcare professionals alike

"It's important for us to be able to support both Customer and Partner (employee) health needs through the provision of evidence-based information, which is why we really value our working relationship with HEART UK and all of the brilliant work they do in raising awareness of the impact of high cholesterol on heart health. By utilising their expertise, resources and information we can help them to live healthier. Our page is just one simple example of how we have done this."

Dr Emma Williams, Health Manager & Communications & Customer Inspiration - Waitrose & Partners

Ways corporations can work with HEART UK 

Product Approval 

Add a HEART UK Approved logo to your packaging to provide shoppers with confidence that your product’s heart health and cholesterol-lowering claims are well-founded.

Bespoke Campaigns, Projects and Cause Related Marketing 

HEART UK provides co-branded awareness raising campaigns. We design each of these campaigns with your brand’s key objectives in mind to ensure a fruitful and fulfilling relationship for both parties. Our campaigns come in a range of forms, such as meal plans, recipes, PR and online content. Be sure to contact us using the form below to find out more about the types of packages available. Cause related marketing is also a great way to make an impact, increase product sales and display your brand’s commitment to corporate social responsibility to consumers. A partnership with HEART UK can help boost your brand awareness while also raising valuable funds to help support HEART UK’s mission. 

​​Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships bring your business and HEART UK’s expansive expertise together to create a lasting impact on communities across the UK and aid those affected by cholesterol. When working together in a strategic partnership, our objective is to establish long-term outcomes that mutually benefit all parties. We’d be delighted to work with new partners and discuss how a partnership with HEART UK can help individuals manage their cholesterol and become more heart health aware.


We’re always looking for companies to feature in our popular monthly cholesterol e-news. With average open rates of 45% and an average of 4,500 clicks per email, our monthly newsletter is a great way to reach consumers who are all interested in cholesterol and their heart health.  Contact us for rates and distribution information.  Another great opportunity to partner with HEART UK is through our sponsored recipes. Our unique recipe pages are regularly the most popular pages on our website and are a fantastic way to engage consumers with your product and celebrate their health benefits.  

Other ways of partnering 

There are plenty of other ways to partner with HEART UK and connect with your audience in unique ways. National Cholesterol Month happens every October and aims to raise awareness of high cholesterol with the general public. The month offers a fantastic opportunity for companies and brands to get involved and piggyback on all the PR and social media opportunities it creates.  

Alternatively, make a bold statement and have HEART UK as your corporation’s charity of the year! Not only does a partnership with us improve the overall heart health and well-being of your employees, but also gets them involved in an engaging and entertaining way. Whether you participate in fundraising events, recycling initiatives or even try your hand at the London marathon, we’ll work alongside you to create a programme that’s not only exciting for your staff but also works towards our mutual goals.  

“Three decades of research has shown walnuts can support cardiovascular health, and our partnership with HEART UK has allowed us the ability to expand consumer knowledge about California walnuts’ contribution to heart health. HEART UK’s enthusiasm, knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond has been a huge asset to our campaign to develop consumer awareness that walnuts are a key staple in a heart-healthy diet. We have very much enjoyed working with HEART UK and are looking forward to continuing our partnership with them.”

Pamela Graviet, Sr. Marketing Director, International - California Walnut Board & Commission 

HEART UK & Corporates - a partnership with impact.

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