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Hypercholesterolaemia – familial or not?
34th Annual Medical & Scientific Conference 2020

Wednesday 1 – Friday 3 July 2020
Location: The Oculus Building, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK

Abstract submission: 23:59 hrs - Monday 9 March

Abstract authors notified of outcome: Latest Friday 3 April

Abstract submissions are invited by health professionals on any topic relating to cholesterol and related conditions (for example, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis). Submissions need not be related specifically to the conference topic.

For queries, please contact:

Email:  wheldonevents@btconnect.com

Tel: 01543 503 322

I am a:

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I am happy for my abstract to be published online in Atherosclerosis Supplements:


Submission instructions - Please read carefully before submitting your abstract.

  1. The abstract must not have been published before.
  2. By submitting your abstract, you or an associate author are obliged to be available to present the abstract either orally or in poster form depending on the outcome of the blind marking.
  3. Abstracts should be clear and concise.
  4. It is the authors responsibility to ensure that correct grammar is used and that the abstract is checked for grammatical or other errors prior to submission.
  5. Please submit abstracts in a consistent format. The ideal format is shown as an example below.

    J. Klein*1,2, F.H.R. de Groot1, T. Noteboom-Appel3, X. Smeets2,5

    1Department of …, University of …, City, Country
    2Department of …, University of …, City, Country
    3Department of …, University of …, City, Country
    4Department of …, University of …, City, Country
    5Department of …, University of …, City, Country

    Background: Only use boldface for headings, and use headings if applicable only; preferably do not require a standard set of headings for every abstract as this often leads to artificial structuring.
    Material and Methods: If the heading comprises multiple entities, use a starting capital for each entity.
    Preliminary results: As this heading refers to only 1 entity, the second word has no capital. If a table is included, refer to it using “Table”, (e.g. Table 1).

    Item Desirable format Most problematic format Please avoid
    General formatUniversally available font that contains all necessary characters; no space above/below paragraphs, line spacing single.Using special font(s) that may get lost in production and result in character misconversion.Using the symbol font if a character can also be taken from the main font (e.g. times roman or arial)
    Session titleOnly make sure it is recognizable as such  
    Abstract “number”Any unique sequence of letters and numbers Special characters
    Abstract typeIn brackets following the abstract number  
    Abstract titleSentence case"Proper" case [ambiguous rules]Full capitals (difficult to read)
      First name(s)InitialsWritten in fullInitials without punctuation
      Last nameSentence caseCapitalizedFormatting (bold, italics, etc.)
      Link to affiliationNumber(s)Use of lettersspaces between multiple links
    AffiliationsSentence caseUse of full capitalsLinking to authors with letters
    Graphics (see separate example)VectorHeavily compressed jpgLow resolution, excessive compression for jpg format
    TablesLike this; note the separate table rows for the subentries for Authors.Using line breaks within table cells to make subentries line up horizontally across columnsUse of boldface other than to indicate important results
    Citations/referencesIf numbers are used, put them on the line in brackets and before punctuation [1].Citations without matching references or vice versaUsing superscript numbers
  6. Submit your abstract by completing the form below attaching a word version (in case of symbol sensitivity).
  7. The word version must fit within a box 10.5cm wide x 14cm deep to include title and authors.
  8. Text size should be in 10 point only and justified to the left and right.
  9. The typeface used should be Times or similar. Black text only.
  10. Abstracts should include in the following order:
  11. ABSTRACT TITLE - in Sentence case and NO MORE than 250 characters including spaces.
  12. AUTHOR(S) - see instruction above
  13. PRESENTING AUTHOR - indicate this in the authors listing with an * besides your name.
  14. ABSTRACT TEXT - The length of an abstract body should not exceed more than 2500 characters including spaces. Ensure the abstract includes an introduction, methods, results and conclusions/implications.
  15. A maximum of one table per abstract can be included and should fit into the overall abstract box six of 105.cm wide x 14cm deep, inserted into the abstract as a jpg file and included in the 2500 characters.
  16. IMAGES should be submitted as jpg files within the abstract and should fit into the overall abstract box six of 10.5cm wide x 14cm deep and be legible.
  17. Only submissions completed prior to the published deadline will be considered.
  18. IMPORTANT: Complete all the section detailed on the abstract template form

Once you hit the submit button you will receive an automatic email confirmation of your submission. If you do not receive an email please check with the organisers that your submission has been received.