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HEART UK webinars archive

We host regular webinars to give you extra support and information. The webinars are recorded live and are available to everybody free of charge.

To get notifications of upcoming webinars, sign up to our e-news.

Find webinars for healthcare professionals in our HCP area


Cholesterol and blood lipids

Learn how to manage your blood lipids with help from our panel of experts in this webinar from November 2022. 

  • Welcome from the HEART UK Chair (Pete Green)
  • 20 years of HEART UK – A changing lipid landscape (Jules Payne)
  • Living with FH – a personal perspective (James Dobson)
  • FH & genetic testing (Lisa Gritzmacher) • High cholesterol in children & young people (Lorraine Priestley-Barnham)
  • Optimum care – what you should expect (Pete Green)
  • Effective lipid management – the future of treatment (Dev Datta)
  • LP(a), triglycerides and other blood fat conditions (Dermot Neely)
  • Managing your risk – what difference you can make (Lynne Garton)

Cholesterol and coronavirus 

In this special HEART UK webinar you can find out about coronavirus and how it might affect you if you have high cholesterol or a related health condition such as heart disease, or an inherited cholesterol condition such as FH. Dr Dermot Neely, lipidologist and Trustee of HEART UK, and Simon Williams, former Head of Communications and Policy at HEART UK, discuss the current pandemic and address issues raised on the live webinar.


Eating healthily during lockdown

Hear more about how to eat healthily while social distancing and bust some myths around diet.

Featuring Christopher Allen, former Head of Healthcare, and Lynne Garton, Dietetic Advisor.


Diabetes, cholesterol and coronavirus

If you live with diabetes, what should you be doing to minimise your risk of getting ill with coronavirus? In this webinar, HEART UK and Diabetes UK discuss and answer some question about diabetes, cholesterol and coronavirus.

Diet and your immune system during lockdown

Lynne Garton HEART UK's dietetic adviser and Cath Collins ICU Dietitian at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust answer questions and talk about the immune system and diet.

HoFH and COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Watch our webinar video about what coronavirus means for you if you have HoFH.

Our HEART UK experts clarify what the evidence and guidelines mean for you. We address your questions including who is high risk and who should be shielding.

Psychology and our diets

A discussion about the psychology of our diets and how we've all been affected during the coronavirus pandemic.

Christopher Allen, former Head of Healthcare at HEART UK
Dr Jane Ogden (PhD), Professor in Health Psychology
Dr Frances Klemperer, Consultant Psychiatrist

Saturated fats

Fats are always a hot topic when it comes to diet - in this recording of our webinar learn all about saturated fats, especially if you're craving coconuts or bonkers for butter!

Ketogenic diets and lipids

Many people see losing weight as automatically being healthier, but this isn't always the case. Some restrictive diets will lead to weight loss but can also put your health at risk.

Ketogenic plans promote low carbohydrate/high-fat diets. Join our latest webinar to explore the evidence behind these types of diets and what their effect on your cholesterol and other blood fats could be.

This webinar features:
Christopher Allen, former Head of Healthcare at HEART UK
Lynne Garton RD, Dietetic Adviser at HEART UK
Alan Flanagan, Nutritionist (MSc in Nutritional Science)

Blood pressure and cholesterol

Knowing your cholesterol and blood pressure numbers are essential steps in managing your heart health. In this webinar Chris Allen from HEART UK and Katharine Jenner from Blood Pressure UK talk through what's important to know and why. 

Hosted by Rachel Elewe from HEART UK.

Genetics and cholesterol

Christopher Allen, former Head of Healthcare at HEART UK discusses the relationship between genetics and cholesterol with Tina Dawson, HEART UK Lipid Specialist Nurse, and Alison Pottle, Cardiology Nurse Consultant. 

High lipoprotein (a)

Lipoprotein (a) is a lot like LDL cholesterol (sometimes called ‘bad cholesterol’) but it’s more ‘sticky’. If you have high levels of lipoprotein (a) in your blood, it can stick to your artery walls and clog them up, leading to heart disease and stroke at a young age.

High lipoprotein (a) is passed on in your genes. This webinar explains what you need to know about lipoprotein (a).

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