Who's who?

Jules Payne

Chief Executive

Jules joined HEART UK in 2010 and has led the transformation of the charity to what it is today. Jules has a passion for supporting patients, families and those affected by high cholesterol and has been instrumental in establishing HEART UK as the leading charity with expertise in cholesterol and lipid conditions.

Email: jp@heartuk.org.uk

Simon Williams

Head of External Affairs

Simon has been with HEART UK since 2015 and leads on major public facing and advocacy campaigns and co-ordinates consultation responses to NICE and other decision making bodies. Simon has devised and led successful HEART UK campaigns that have led to patients accessing life-saving treatment and responsible for all of HEART UK’s communications, including its social media and PR activities. Simon is also responsible for overseeing income generation, including fundraising and relationships with corporate partners.

Email: sw@heartuk.org.uk

Christopher Allen 

Head of Healthcare

Chris is an experienced Senior Nurse, with broad knowledge of heart and circulatory diseases and their risk factors, with a specialist interest in genetics and diseases affecting children and young people. Chris leads on health care professional training and education, patient information services and support.  


Email: ca@heartuk.org.uk 

Sheila Nardone

Development & Communications Manager

Email: sn@heartuk.org.uk

Tina Dawson

Lipid Specialist Nurse

Email: td@heartuk.org.uk

Lynne Garton

Dietetic Advisor

Email: lg@heartuk.org.uk 

Charlotte Hoare

Fundraising Manager

Email: ch@heartuk.org.uk

Christina Lipscomb

Senior Fundraising Executive

Email: cl@heartuk.org.uk

Julie Everard

Senior Administrator

Email: je@heartuk.org.uk

Rachel Elewe

Executive Assistant to CEO

Email: re@heartuk.org.uk