Annual report and financial statements

HEART UK are pleased to present our accounts.  We are very proud of the high level of impact we have for our beneficiaries each year, and 2019/20 is no different.  The Trustee report sets out a lot of information about our activities during the year. 

With the COVID situation, it is pertinent for us to point out that our reserves policy is set by the Board of Trustees and reviewed annually. We aim to hold free reserves in the range of 6 – 9 months’ worth of operating expenditure. Our free reserves at the year end totalled £552,192 so represents 6 months. In the light of the effects of COVID-19 highlighted elsewhere, it is likely that our free reserves will fall below our operating guidelines during the next 12 months. The Board of Trustees are fully aware of this and this position will continue to be monitored by the Finance and Risk Committee and the Board throughout this period.’

See our annual report and financial statements from previous years below.